Weight On My Shoulders


Blue skies and beyond

How am I to fathom?

The vastness of the seas


My core respond to this call

Eating up my conscience


Reverent life is a call

Stop being aimless, irritable

And respond to the real calling of life

- John Rickett, The Seducing Comic (SharePointComic.com)

Are You Dating A Gossip Girl?

Hello and welcome readers,

I started this blog as an extension to my comedy shows; when I’m not touring New York, Los Angeles, and Lousiana, I like to jot my dating and seduction advice out online here. All this materials though can also be found in my gigs, so be sure to attend my upcoming standup comedy show: http://www.sharepointcomic.com/attend-my-upcoming-show-the-lovingly-seductive-standup/. As well as being a regular at Upright Citizen’s Brigade(UCB) Theatre, I often have shows in LA and New York too. But I’m procrastinating; on with the blog!

She sounds like a girl who does know how to have fun, not to mention how to get in all the cool and fun places, but dating a gossip girl can really be far from the dreamy, elite, high class albeit highly dramatic life portrayed on TV.

Dating a true blue gossip can be a lot of work, and a lot of drama too. That, and that dating her would mean having to contend for her attention with her girlfriends and the latest story about who and who. And don’t get me started on the catfights; remember, hell hath no fury stronger than a girl who is being gossiped about – and your girlfriend and you might just be her next rage target.

But first, Can long distance love work? Well, read this great piece at PUADatabase.com!

Just how do you make dating with gossip girl work? Does it even work? Well, it sounds like a lot of work but I might just have the tips for you.

So my tips on dating a gossip girl. First; don’t gossip with her. She can’t keep her mouth shut, but while that sounds like a perpetually nice treat, you might have to shut up for the two of you. Don’t tell her about anything you’ve heard or known from and about people – even the ones that she does not necessarily know – and more importantly, don’t tell anyone what she tells you. Dating GG does not exactly mean you have to transform into Gossip Boy yourself. Oh, and avoid being in the room when she is gossiping with her friends. The less you know, the better for you. No one will call you out as ‘witness’ to her/their gossiping.

Next just don’t talk to her about people, especially your exes. You live in a small world. Chances are, she knows somebody who knows one of your exes. And any information of that kind, er, of the gossip kind, will never be safe with her. Don’t give her that disadvantage of getting to talk about someone especially someone linked to you. Trust me, the blame is going to end up on you.

If she does begin to gossip, distract her with other activities. Gossip is the fruit of an idle mind, really. So instead of letting her bury her head in and bask in the un-glory of gossip and stories about people, distract her. Start a hobby together, go out more often, take a class together – keep her mind and mouth busy with the more sensible, more significant things in life.

Or maybe share stories that are not of the gossip form. Lead by example. Don’t talk to her about people like she does. Talk about sensible things, about things of importance to the world. She may be gossiping because that’s the only form of conversation she has and seeing you do something else in your conversation might encourage her to follow course.

Finally, keep your embarrassing, really personal stories to yourself until she’s proven that you can trust her. Please, you’re not married. And the story about you and your short stint with STD might be the first thing to come off of her closet as soon as you guys break up! Que horror!

The thing about dating a gossip is that, they are really hard to trust. They cannot keep their mouth shut so you have to be extra, extra cautious.

You can also see my previous post for more tips and advices!

Been Stood Up? Here’s why…

Hey readers,

This is a blog straight from the heart. Now I know stand up comics seems like we can handle anything—I mean you only get hecklers in this business, right? But it’s not true, when it comes to matters of the heart we’re the same as the next person. And this is for all of you who’ve also been stood up like I was in New York last week.

So she stood you up. She lured you into thinking that she’d come see you on your appointed date. She put all your efforts and preparations for your date into futility. And worst of all, she bruised your ego in a way that only a woman can do.

And while you inch your way out of the bar, head bowed low and sighs heavy, you only had one thing in your mind: WHY?!

Why did she stand you up? What could have driven her, a supposed fine, decent lady whom you were supposed to be interested with, to leave you alone waiting and wondering if she’s at all showing up or not? Could any of it have been your fault? Could you have done something differently to avoid being stood up? What to do now?

Reason Why She Stood You Up

Here are some logical and maybe mean but realistic reasons why she’d stand you up. And just be careful with this advice; you may not be ready for some of them.

See she maybe had a real, authentic emergency. She may have had a flat tire, or she got sick, or someone in her family got sick, or anything grave enough and that she got so absorbed in the situation that she totally forgot about your date with her. It must be something big and something important and something very, very urgent.

It’s also possible she totally forgot about your date. Did you remind her yesterday or this morning about your date tonight? Is she really, really busy with work that she couldn’t just get out of it and it consumes majority of her brain (and time) that remembering anything outside of work seemed insignificant and easy to remember? If she’s the extreme type of workaholic, chances are, she was still in her office cubicle poring over work as usual and you’d be remembered much, much later tonight (with regret). I hate to say this, though, but you must not have made such significant impact on her otherwise, she would somehow have remembered (or at least have saved you a spot on her planner).

You need to consider that maybe there was miscommunication between you two. Did you say 6:30 early dinner? Maybe she heard 7:30! Or the other way around. Or you must have said Tuesday when she was expecting Wednesday and she’s made some other plans with someone or for something else or some other form of mix up. In this day and age of advanced communication technology, trust me, miscommunication is still possible.

She could also have panicked at the last minute. Her mind must have created some doom scenario of sorts that made her chicken out big time. Or she was reminded about her past heartbreak. Or it may be because she’s spooked at the idea of a blind date or of online date meetup. Anyone can have cold feet so this could be possible too.

Okay the brutal one; maybe she’s not into you and she just didn’t have the heart to turn you down. Ahh well, some people would rather kill you with their silence than telling you the truth outright.

Or maybe you didn’t earn trust from her! SO, which of these situations do you think you’re in?

She’s a mean and evil person who stands me up for the fun of it. Least likely, but still likely. Some people enjoy inflicting pain on others for their own ego boost. Maybe she wants to put you in her hands – stand you up, apologize and make new plans only to stand you up again, you know people who want to manipulate you. Yeah, them.

Well, better luck next time! Maybe you can use this SIBG guide to signs of love and attraction for better love life! And attend my upcoming standup comedy show for more of my dating and seduction advice: http://www.sharepointcomic.com/attend-my-upcoming-show-the-lovingly-seductive-standup/.


She’s Your Boss & She’s Just Hit on You. Here’s What To Do Next…

Hey guys,

A lot of men have this fantasy of being the object of desire of their lady boss. It could be that reverse 50 Shades of Grey effect; when men like women who are on top, when men like being dominated by women who know what they want and who know how to get what they want.

Just because I’m a stand up comedian doesn’t mean I don’t have the same fantasy. Though mine is more likely to be one of the events managers in one of the theatres I gig at in  New York, Los Angeles, or Lousiana.

But when this ‘fantasy’ actually comes to life, do you know what to do? After all, it could get awkward. You can’t just get into it and expect to still have a job the next day (when the bigger boss hates you for screwing with the smaller boss) or at least, expect to go to work without getting hated by your colleagues because of the insurmountable advantage you have over all of them career-wise which you would have earned in quite an ‘unfair’ manner. It’s not like it’s going to be as easy or as magical as ‘The Proposal’. And even in a rom-com perfection, Ryan Reynolds’ character didn’t exactly have it that easily anyway.

Tips for You

SO should you find yourself in this good-bad-awkward situation, here’s a little something of a tip on what to do, you handsome you.

Number one, don’t go about spreading the news to the entire office. Seriously, that’s going to win you more enemies and fake friends than real ones. It would make you popular, yes, but in a bad way. Let them notice it on their own.

And remember where you are. You have to always be professional at your workplace. Don’t take advantage of her flirtatious advances on you to skip work or get a raise or whatever. In fact, don’t flirt back when you’re in the office. That, or at least don’t do it too openly. You should click here for some rather good “alpha male” tactics.

Always treat her like your boss, because she is. Just because she likes you, or at least is hitting on you, does not necessarily mean you are superior over her. Boy, oh boy, your salary still depends on her and your work for her. So, yeah, she’s your boss when you’re in the office no matter what you do together past working hours.

Don’t make her give you any special attention or grant you special favors in exchange of whatever she wants. Whether she’s looking for sex, flirting, escort services from you, don’t use it as leverage for your job. That is unfair and outright low. She, or anyone else in knowledge of whatever you have, will not respect you the way you want if you play your cards that way.

Whatever you do, don’t play games with her. No matter how impersonal you get, or how impersonal you both pretend to be, emotions will eventually come into play and could dangerously affect your work and the entire workplace.

Oh and if you don’t like her, politely decline her. She’s your boss, she could fire you. Seriously. Apart from the fact that she’s your boss, she’s also a woman and that fact alone deserves a respectful, polite rejection.

Lastly, sorry about this but expect tons of awkwardness. It will be awkward mostly for you; this is likely not the first time for her to hit on an employee or subordinate.

If you do want to impress her though without saying anything; read more here.

Good luck you handsome you. *Wink*

P.S. Don’t forget to attend my upcoming standup comedy show: http://www.sharepointcomic.com/attend-my-upcoming-show-the-lovingly-seductive-standup/

Earn A Woman’s Trust

Comedian’s know all about trust; trust me! haha. Now my business means I travel around a lot; and I pick up all sorts of dating and seduction advice while I’m gigging in places like New York, Los Angeles, and Lousiana. I mean if you can’t find me at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade(UCB) Theatre, I often have shows in LA and New York too. So be sure to attend my upcoming standup comedy show: http://www.sharepointcomic.com/attend-my-upcoming-show-the-lovingly-seductive-standup/

But anyway, on with the blog!

Trust is one of the most essential foundations of every kind of human relationship.  And women put so much importance to it that I believe it is more difficult to earn a woman’s trust than it is to earn that of a man’s. It is so difficult to earn that sometimes, even pure honesty and sincerity may fall short. Well, here’s a guide on meeting women from SIBG.com (Matt Ganz).

Earn her trust

So whether you’re trying to earn her trust for romantic pursuits, business, or plain good ol’ friendship, because it is very important that it be founded on trust, here are some tips on how to make her trust you.

To start with, always, always be genuine. Do not use fancy words. Speak from your heart, speak what is in your mind and don’t try to dress your words up. Say it the way you would actually say it; saying it in words that are not familiar to you or in words that you don’t use in regular conversations would mask your words in pretense and will make it less believable. So always let your heart do the talking for you. The rawness of words, no matter how vulnerable it makes you seem, will be appreciated and hopefully reciprocated with her precious trust.

It’s important to listen to her. Listen intently to what she has to say, for it holds the keys and secrets to how to win her. Her words may even tell her why she can’t trust you and what you can do to change her thoughts about it. Listening to her will make her feel secure and confident around you; her talking to you about something – no matter how mundane and unimportant – is already a good sign that she is willing to trust you. Value that opportunity and lend her your ears.

And be sure to give her your trust too. Give her your trust to earn hers. It’s simple. If a woman sees that you are baring yourself to her in utmost honesty, she will think that you deserve her honesty and trust. Give her something to hold on to when she bares herself open to you.

Remember to act appropriately around her. What causes women to distrust a certain man is when he shows her that he abused another woman’s trust on him. SO if you gossip around her about other people, or tell her lame but personal and intimate things about some ex, her logic would tell her that you are going to do the same to her and you wouldn’t be worth the littlest amount of her trust.

Finally but very importantly, don’t lie nor keep secrets from her. Keeping a secret means that you do not trust her; lying to her is the ultimate betrayal of her trust. If you show her any of these actions even before she gets to give you her trust will make you lose it forever. So don’t even think about lying about the smallest things; trust me, she can and would sense it.

A woman’s trust is so precious so don’t make the mistake of wasting it. Don’t forget to visit the site regularly and read here for advice on why she may have stood you up! Good luck to you!

Can You Impress A Girl Without Saying A Word?

Hi all,

Words are so powerful that they can make or break your impression with a girl. As a comic I know all about the power of words and as dating and seduction guru I know all about women. Put them together and here’s my blog; because who says dating and humour doesn’t mix? With gigs in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Lousiana, I meet a whole range of girls. And alot of stuff ends up in matierial for my show so to attend my upcoming standup comedy show click: http://www.sharepointcomic.com/attend-my-upcoming-show-the-lovingly-seductive-standup/.

But back to words and women.  We really don’t know what they really feel, what’s behind their women mind games. But what if you can’t use words to impress a lady that caught your fancy? What if, say, you’re across the bar from her and you so badly want to impress her? Or what if you’re in the middle of your bartender duty attending to a customer and she was sitting on the outdoor table with her friends? What if there was just no way to talk to her but you still want to make a good impression?

Techniques for your Best Pickup Lines!

After creating a blog post last time about How to throw a party to meet girls. Surprisingly, there are tons of ways to do it successfully! And what’s even more surprising, these techniques might even make a better impression than your best pickup lines. To begin with always make eye contact. Lingering eye contact can catch anyone’s attention really well. If you can keep it, she will get the impression that you are confident and trustworthy. Eye contact can make a shy lady blush but it is also a good way to challenge a headstrong lady. The unintentional staring contest will always keep her hooked – so make sure you win tit. Tip: Practice the ‘smize’ – it’s a projection technique made popular by supermodel Tyra Banks. It’s basically smiling with your eyes.

And smile. You don’t have to have a perfect set of pearly whites to make a good impression. You just have to have the warmest, sweetest, sincerest smile you could ever have. It makes you seem nice and friendly, and it would making easing up to you far from difficult nor awkward. Your smile need not be Hollywood quality; the secret is in sincerity. Oh and stand confidently too. Confidence never fails to impress a girl. And without a chance to show off how great and engaging you are with conversations, your only chance to show off might be on how you stand up and carry yourself. Stand tall, stand proud, and stand like a man! Stand with your shoulders even, your back straight, and your head held high (but not too high to actually seem arrogant). Don’t show any trace of self-consciousness – no fixing of outfits, straightening of shirts, or moves that tell you’re obviously trying to look good for her. Look good in how you already look.

Oh another good tip is to do something unexpected and unforgettable. Okay, so maybe a wink is too 90s (and honestly too dirty-old-man-ish) so forget it. But a simple wave might do the trick. Or if the situation allows for it, you can also try to send her stuff like some drinks or food through someone. It’s a classic and it gets her attention – you cannot ask for more than that, really! And remember, make it unforgettable. That’s always an important component to making an impression – something unforgettable – so make sure that you nail that component perfectly!

Now remember, it does not always go too perfectly especially in the beginning. But give yourself a chance to perfect it and don’t get too discouraged too easily. Ready to make an impression?

Hope this helped you guys! You can email me anytime for inquiries or advice. Just message me at  loveless@sharepointcomic.com and we’ll keep in touch!

For If You’ve Ever Been Cheated On

Hey Readers,

I want to get serious for one moment. (Which I know is unusual for a stand up comedian but hey, in between all those gigs around New York, Los Angeles, and Lousiana, you have to find the time for a moment of seriousness every now and then!)

No one wants to get cheated on. We all get into relationships looking for fun, comfortable companionship, romance, and basically the happy-ever-after – not to get our egos stepped on and our faces shamed in a society that celebrates the guts of the cheater for being ‘cool’.

The worst and most difficult part of being cheated on, more than the pain of the betrayal, is moving on from the self-degrading thoughts about it. According to the SonicSeduction.net guide on asking a girl out, the spark of the chase dies once you get the girl. In any cases of cheating, the ego-factor of being cheated on is the hardest thing about the whole situation. We can hardly stop ourselves from getting all the blame – that maybe we’re not good enough, that maybe we deserved such unkindness from someone who we thought loved us as much as we loved them.

I believe this is so much harder for men and their egos. Cheating– not funny.

So here’s something for the poor gentlemen out there who have had their taste of being cheated on by their dearly beloved girlfriends.

Here are some tips on what to do when you’ve been cheated on.

Okay so, revenge is not an option to begin with. It’s bad and useless. You take revenge, gamble on your feelings again, harbor in some sleepless nights over so much anger, maybe get what you want and then what? At the end of it all, what’s it worth? Would you feel better, would you sleep better at night, knowing that you’ve answered one bad deed with another evil deed? No. Don’t waste your time, energy and effort planning and carrying out your ultimate revenge for what she’s done to you. Believe me, it’s not worth it. Instead, focus yourself on positive and productive things – things that could make you become someone she’d regret cheating on. Start with working on getting rich.

Remember also that you did not deserve it and you are a great person. It’s normal to question your self-worth when someone plays around with your feelings. It’s easy to doubt your self-worth when someone obviously did not see it. But remember this: you are worth something. You know your worth, you know what you’re good at, and you know what that girl is missing. You’re awesome and someone is watching you from afar wishing for you to notice her.

Scream and then focus on doing productive things. Become better in school or at work. Throw a party. Yes– parties can be really productive– it helps your bruised ego get back into the game. Change your wardrobe, change your hairstyle, and most important of all – change your perspective. She did not deserve you in the first place, so don’t try to change yourself to make her want you. Change yourself because you want to change your life – you want to transform it into something that your next lover will be proud of.

And whatever you do, don’t fall into a rebound relationship. You don’t need to show people that you’ve moved on when you clearly have not. You would be unfair to your rebound girl and to yourself. And more likely than not, your cheating ex would be laughing herself silly because she’d see right through you that you were so desperate about her you went all time low with a rebound.

Being cheated on is horrible but it is not and should not be the end of the world for you and your love life. Good luck and sign up here to attend my upcoming standup comedy show: http://www.sharepointcomic.com/attend-my-upcoming-show-the-lovingly-seductive-standup/!

How to Throw a Party to Meet Girls

Hey guys. John here. As you may know, I try as much as possible to make this website interesting and helpful at the same time. Well– since this is, after all, a dating x seduction website– I guess it’s pretty helpful and kind of inspiring for all of you to know firsthand that I, John Rickett, am not attractive.


This miracle served on a plate of caviar and roses is brought to me by humor. Humor has it all. Having it will help you come a long way. From my experience, the best time to showcase it is in a party.

Yes! A party! House parties, especially, is one perfect setup. It’s where everyone knows everybody, everyone feels great, and more likely than not, everyone is looking forward to meeting new people and spending some good time. It also helps that parties serve a lot of booze and everyone gets to relax.

But you know what’s better than going to a house party to meet girls?

Simple – throw the party yourself!

Yep, you don’t need to be some high profile person to throw a house party. You don’t have to be a socialization guru or renowned social butterfly to be able to throw an awesome house party. Like I said(and will probably repeat for a long time– I am not attractive. But I, am the champion of charm. Plus wit.) Best of all, you don’t need to go out and wait for whoever friend decides to throw a house party to meet women.


Make sure your playlist doesn’t suck. I mean it.

Here are some simple tips on throwing a house party that will have you meeting girls left and right. Get your drinks ready:

  • Start with a theme. It does not have to be so complicated or so glitzy. It just has to be creative and fun! Find a fun theme that both sexes with enjoy. You don’t have to be so socially correct about it! You can always throw a Cinco de Mayo bash in September – trust me, no one would care. It’s a party anyway! Click here if you want to find out more about how to make the most of that wild, fun party and meet girls(seriously. Parties are the best way to do it,) Some great themes that guys and girls alike will enjoy would be Brazilian nights, costume night, the great 80s, or you can even throw a video game party! Make sure that your decors and music and activities lined up would match the theme. A fun, creative theme with all the implements done just as perfectly well will impress the ladies and trust me they’d be looking forward to your next one.
  • Don’t forget the invites. This is most crucial to nail your intention of meeting girls. So you already have a theme in mind, you have an awesome set of activities and games and what have you’s, now you need the people to make your party a real party. Make sure to tell your closest circle to bring their friends, with preference to the ladies. If you can, go totally old school and hand out some cute little invites that will tickle the imagination of the ladies. Go to Facebook and make an Invitation – and be sure to name your party with something interesting and unforgettable.
  • Prepare the booze and the music. Okay, what’s a young adult house party without the drinks? You don’t have to be a master bartender to be able to whip up something awesome in the bar! The internet is all yours to explore, baby. So go ahead and Google your way around some easy cocktails for the ladies. Shoutout to Oprah for this article on how to prepare your house for a party– might come in handy for you guys.(I love Don’t forget – the music is always the best and primary mood setter in any party. So make sure your music is awesome enough to make the girls loosen up and have pure fun.
  • Be the best host ever. Sure you can get away with being the wallflower in someone else’s party but at your own? Whoa. N-O mister. You’ve got to move around, socialize, meet every single one of your guests be awesome. I’m pretty sure you’d be keeping an eye on one lady in particular as the night progresses but don’t forget that you’re the host.
  • Lastly, have fun. Girls like fun boys.

So there you have it. Go ahead and be the man, throw a party. Your charm and wit are your weapons. Have fun, and please try not to dazzle the girls too much with your extensive knowledge of mineral water(so help you God.)