Earn A Woman’s Trust

Comedian’s know all about trust; trust me! haha. Now my business means I travel around a lot; and I pick up all sorts of dating and seduction advice while I’m gigging in places like New York, Los Angeles, and Lousiana. I mean if you can’t find me at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade(UCB) Theatre, I often […]

Can You Impress A Girl Without Saying A Word?

Hi all, Words are so powerful that they can make or break your impression with a girl. As a comic I know all about the power of words and as dating and seduction guru I know all about women. Put them together and here’s my blog; because who says dating and humour doesn’t mix? With […]

How to Throw a Party to Meet Girls

Hey guys. John here. As you may know, I try as much as possible to make this website interesting and helpful at the same time. Well– since this is, after all, a dating x seduction website– I guess it’s pretty helpful and kind of inspiring for all of you to know firsthand that I, John […]