Are You Dating A Gossip Girl?

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I started this blog as an extension to my comedy shows; when I’m not touring New York, Los Angeles, and Lousiana, I like to jot my dating and seduction advice out online here. All this materials though can also be found in my gigs, so be sure to attend my upcoming standup comedy show: As well as being a regular at Upright Citizen’s Brigade(UCB) Theatre, I often have shows in LA and New York too. But I’m procrastinating; on with the blog!

She sounds like a girl who does know how to have fun, not to mention how to get in all the cool and fun places, but dating a gossip girl can really be far from the dreamy, elite, high class albeit highly dramatic life portrayed on TV.

Dating a true blue gossip can be a lot of work, and a lot of drama too. That, and that dating her would mean having to contend for her attention with her girlfriends and the latest story about who and who. And don’t get me started on the catfights; remember, hell hath no fury stronger than a girl who is being gossiped about – and your girlfriend and you might just be her next rage target.

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Just how do you make dating with gossip girl work? Does it even work? Well, it sounds like a lot of work but I might just have the tips for you.

So my tips on dating a gossip girl. First; don’t gossip with her. She can’t keep her mouth shut, but while that sounds like a perpetually nice treat, you might have to shut up for the two of you. Don’t tell her about anything you’ve heard or known from and about people – even the ones that she does not necessarily know – and more importantly, don’t tell anyone what she tells you. Dating GG does not exactly mean you have to transform into Gossip Boy yourself. Oh, and avoid being in the room when she is gossiping with her friends. The less you know, the better for you. No one will call you out as ‘witness’ to her/their gossiping.

Next just don’t talk to her about people, especially your exes. You live in a small world. Chances are, she knows somebody who knows one of your exes. And any information of that kind, er, of the gossip kind, will never be safe with her. Don’t give her that disadvantage of getting to talk about someone especially someone linked to you. Trust me, the blame is going to end up on you.

If she does begin to gossip, distract her with other activities. Gossip is the fruit of an idle mind, really. So instead of letting her bury her head in and bask in the un-glory of gossip and stories about people, distract her. Start a hobby together, go out more often, take a class together – keep her mind and mouth busy with the more sensible, more significant things in life.

Or maybe share stories that are not of the gossip form. Lead by example. Don’t talk to her about people like she does. Talk about sensible things, about things of importance to the world. She may be gossiping because that’s the only form of conversation she has and seeing you do something else in your conversation might encourage her to follow course.

Finally, keep your embarrassing, really personal stories to yourself until she’s proven that you can trust her. Please, you’re not married. And the story about you and your short stint with STD might be the first thing to come off of her closet as soon as you guys break up! Que horror!

The thing about dating a gossip is that, they are really hard to trust. They cannot keep their mouth shut so you have to be extra, extra cautious.

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