Can You Impress A Girl Without Saying A Word?

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Words are so powerful that they can make or break your impression with a girl. As a comic I know all about the power of words and as dating and seduction guru I know all about women. Put them together and here’s my blog; because who says dating and humour doesn’t mix? With gigs in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Lousiana, I meet a whole range of girls. And alot of stuff ends up in matierial for my show so to attend my upcoming standup comedy show click:

But back to words and women.  We really don’t know what they really feel, what’s behind their women mind games. But what if you can’t use words to impress a lady that caught your fancy? What if, say, you’re across the bar from her and you so badly want to impress her? Or what if you’re in the middle of your bartender duty attending to a customer and she was sitting on the outdoor table with her friends? What if there was just no way to talk to her but you still want to make a good impression?

Techniques for your Best Pickup Lines!

After creating a blog post last time about How to throw a party to meet girls. Surprisingly, there are tons of ways to do it successfully! And what’s even more surprising, these techniques might even make a better impression than your best pickup lines. To begin with always make eye contact. Lingering eye contact can catch anyone’s attention really well. If you can keep it, she will get the impression that you are confident and trustworthy. Eye contact can make a shy lady blush but it is also a good way to challenge a headstrong lady. The unintentional staring contest will always keep her hooked – so make sure you win tit. Tip: Practice the ‘smize’ – it’s a projection technique made popular by supermodel Tyra Banks. It’s basically smiling with your eyes.

And smile. You don’t have to have a perfect set of pearly whites to make a good impression. You just have to have the warmest, sweetest, sincerest smile you could ever have. It makes you seem nice and friendly, and it would making easing up to you far from difficult nor awkward. Your smile need not be Hollywood quality; the secret is in sincerity. Oh and stand confidently too. Confidence never fails to impress a girl. And without a chance to show off how great and engaging you are with conversations, your only chance to show off might be on how you stand up and carry yourself. Stand tall, stand proud, and stand like a man! Stand with your shoulders even, your back straight, and your head held high (but not too high to actually seem arrogant). Don’t show any trace of self-consciousness – no fixing of outfits, straightening of shirts, or moves that tell you’re obviously trying to look good for her. Look good in how you already look.

Oh another good tip is to do something unexpected and unforgettable. Okay, so maybe a wink is too 90s (and honestly too dirty-old-man-ish) so forget it. But a simple wave might do the trick. Or if the situation allows for it, you can also try to send her stuff like some drinks or food through someone. It’s a classic and it gets her attention – you cannot ask for more than that, really! And remember, make it unforgettable. That’s always an important component to making an impression – something unforgettable – so make sure that you nail that component perfectly!

Now remember, it does not always go too perfectly especially in the beginning. But give yourself a chance to perfect it and don’t get too discouraged too easily. Ready to make an impression?

Hope this helped you guys! You can email me anytime for inquiries or advice. Just message me at and we’ll keep in touch!