How to Throw a Party to Meet Girls

Hey guys. John here. As you may know, I try as much as possible to make this website interesting and helpful at the same time. Well– since this is, after all, a dating x seduction website– I guess it’s pretty helpful and kind of inspiring for all of you to know firsthand that I, John Rickett, am not attractive.


This miracle served on a plate of caviar and roses is brought to me by humor. Humor has it all. Having it will help you come a long way. From my experience, the best time to showcase it is in a party.

Yes! A party! House parties, especially, is one perfect setup. It’s where everyone knows everybody, everyone feels great, and more likely than not, everyone is looking forward to meeting new people and spending some good time. It also helps that parties serve a lot of booze and everyone gets to relax.

But you know what’s better than going to a house party to meet girls?

Simple – throw the party yourself!

Yep, you don’t need to be some high profile person to throw a house party. You don’t have to be a socialization guru or renowned social butterfly to be able to throw an awesome house party. Like I said(and will probably repeat for a long time– I am not attractive. But I, am the champion of charm. Plus wit.) Best of all, you don’t need to go out and wait for whoever friend decides to throw a house party to meet women.


Make sure your playlist doesn’t suck. I mean it.

Here are some simple tips on throwing a house party that will have you meeting girls left and right. Get your drinks ready:

  • Start with a theme. It does not have to be so complicated or so glitzy. It just has to be creative and fun! Find a fun theme that both sexes with enjoy. You don’t have to be so socially correct about it! You can always throw a Cinco de Mayo bash in September – trust me, no one would care. It’s a party anyway! Click here if you want to find out more about how to make the most of that wild, fun party and meet girls(seriously. Parties are the best way to do it,) Some great themes that guys and girls alike will enjoy would be Brazilian nights, costume night, the great 80s, or you can even throw a video game party! Make sure that your decors and music and activities lined up would match the theme. A fun, creative theme with all the implements done just as perfectly well will impress the ladies and trust me they’d be looking forward to your next one.
  • Don’t forget the invites. This is most crucial to nail your intention of meeting girls. So you already have a theme in mind, you have an awesome set of activities and games and what have you’s, now you need the people to make your party a real party. Make sure to tell your closest circle to bring their friends, with preference to the ladies. If you can, go totally old school and hand out some cute little invites that will tickle the imagination of the ladies. Go to Facebook and make an Invitation – and be sure to name your party with something interesting and unforgettable.
  • Prepare the booze and the music. Okay, what’s a young adult house party without the drinks? You don’t have to be a master bartender to be able to whip up something awesome in the bar! The internet is all yours to explore, baby. So go ahead and Google your way around some easy cocktails for the ladies. Shoutout to Oprah for this article on how to prepare your house for a party– might come in handy for you guys.(I love Don’t forget – the music is always the best and primary mood setter in any party. So make sure your music is awesome enough to make the girls loosen up and have pure fun.
  • Be the best host ever. Sure you can get away with being the wallflower in someone else’s party but at your own? Whoa. N-O mister. You’ve got to move around, socialize, meet every single one of your guests be awesome. I’m pretty sure you’d be keeping an eye on one lady in particular as the night progresses but don’t forget that you’re the host.
  • Lastly, have fun. Girls like fun boys.

So there you have it. Go ahead and be the man, throw a party. Your charm and wit are your weapons. Have fun, and please try not to dazzle the girls too much with your extensive knowledge of mineral water(so help you God.)