Mr Rickett, At Your Service

Who says dating and humour doesn’t mix? Well, I’m here to prove you guys wrong. My name is John Rickett, a standup comic based in Louisiana. I’ve been in the comedy game for too long, and I’ve had stints in New York, Los Angeles, and Lousiana. I did some standup gigs at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade(UCB) Theatre, and have upcoming shows back home in LA and booked for New York early next year.

Love and humour definitely is a great one-two punch. You don’t want to bore your date to death with your lame pickup lines that need to set itself on fire immediately the moment you it leaves your alcohol-stained mouth. Please don’t do that. I will rescue you from all the shame and humiliation even before you ask your date if she’s been working out because she’s been running inside your mind *cue the sad trombone sound*. Please. I try to see dating as a big playground, with charm, humour, and wit as its main players. Of course, I will teach you the ways to make you look like you’re God’s gift to women with your desirable charm and wit as sharp as that axe that killed Ned Stark in Game of Thrones. See, charm and wit can be really deadly(thus explains the Ned Stark reference), and I’m here to act as the light that will lead your way. If you’ve got questions, feel free to email me at If you’re that desperate, you can reach me via mobile at 985-882-6102.

Excited to share my thoughts and comedy with you!