Been Stood Up? Here’s why…

Hey readers,

This is a blog straight from the heart. Now I know stand up comics seems like we can handle anything—I mean you only get hecklers in this business, right? But it’s not true, when it comes to matters of the heart we’re the same as the next person. And this is for all of you who’ve also been stood up like I was in New York last week.

So she stood you up. She lured you into thinking that she’d come see you on your appointed date. She put all your efforts and preparations for your date into futility. And worst of all, she bruised your ego in a way that only a woman can do.

And while you inch your way out of the bar, head bowed low and sighs heavy, you only had one thing in your mind: WHY?!

Why did she stand you up? What could have driven her, a supposed fine, decent lady whom you were supposed to be interested with, to leave you alone waiting and wondering if she’s at all showing up or not? Could any of it have been your fault? Could you have done something differently to avoid being stood up? What to do now?

Reason Why She Stood You Up

Here are some logical and maybe mean but realistic reasons why she’d stand you up. And just be careful with this advice; you may not be ready for some of them.

See she maybe had a real, authentic emergency. She may have had a flat tire, or she got sick, or someone in her family got sick, or anything grave enough and that she got so absorbed in the situation that she totally forgot about your date with her. It must be something big and something important and something very, very urgent.

It’s also possible she totally forgot about your date. Did you remind her yesterday or this morning about your date tonight? Is she really, really busy with work that she couldn’t just get out of it and it consumes majority of her brain (and time) that remembering anything outside of work seemed insignificant and easy to remember? If she’s the extreme type of workaholic, chances are, she was still in her office cubicle poring over work as usual and you’d be remembered much, much later tonight (with regret). I hate to say this, though, but you must not have made such significant impact on her otherwise, she would somehow have remembered (or at least have saved you a spot on her planner).

You need to consider that maybe there was miscommunication between you two. Did you say 6:30 early dinner? Maybe she heard 7:30! Or the other way around. Or you must have said Tuesday when she was expecting Wednesday and she’s made some other plans with someone or for something else or some other form of mix up. In this day and age of advanced communication technology, trust me, miscommunication is still possible.

She could also have panicked at the last minute. Her mind must have created some doom scenario of sorts that made her chicken out big time. Or she was reminded about her past heartbreak. Or it may be because she’s spooked at the idea of a blind date or of online date meetup. Anyone can have cold feet so this could be possible too.

Okay the brutal one; maybe she’s not into you and she just didn’t have the heart to turn you down. Ahh well, some people would rather kill you with their silence than telling you the truth outright.

Or maybe you didn’t earn trust from her! SO, which of these situations do you think you’re in?

She’s a mean and evil person who stands me up for the fun of it. Least likely, but still likely. Some people enjoy inflicting pain on others for their own ego boost. Maybe she wants to put you in her hands – stand you up, apologize and make new plans only to stand you up again, you know people who want to manipulate you. Yeah, them.

Well, better luck next time! Maybe you can use this SIBG guide to signs of love and attraction for better love life! And attend my upcoming standup comedy show for more of my dating and seduction advice: